What is cuticle and why people wish to remove them?

People always interested to do simple and mild makeup such as pedicure, nail art and nail coloring. But all these would not be suitable to all occasions and to day today activities so some people would wish to remove them back.

When it comes to cuticle removal most of the people get fear but in real cuticle is known as eponychium which is the skin on nail bottom which meets nail. This skin acts as a protective layer which avoids bacteria to enter into the skin via nail. Moreover the cuticle is exists to protect the skin root nail if people remove cuticle then it may end with skin infected with bacteria or it may also deform the nail. Some people would think it is hard to remove cuticle layer rather it is possible to cut them or push them back.

nail cuticle

Often this would arise when people do manicure and wish to have best attractive nails. In real there are ways available but when people wish to have best nails it is more better to leave cuticle as it if not people may suffer with skin diseases like paronychia which makes bacterial and fungal growth high in your skin.

How does cuticle remover works?

However cuticle is more essential one to protect the skin disinfected with bacteria and fungus when people search for cuticle remover there are two ways available for them. But before using them people should aware what does cuticle remover do and how it works? Here are some information about cuticle remover are listed below.

cuticle remover

  • Harsh kind cuticle remover contains potassium hydroxide and sodium hydroxide where these alkaline solutions are with high ph value. When people apply them over nail skin it makes them dead skin which can be removed by nail knife or small wood stick.
  • Mind kind cuticle remover contains alpha hydroxyl acid which is derived from fruit and milk sugars. When this acid is applied over nail skin it hold like gel glue which can be easily removed away.
  • In both method cuticle remover works but it result with irritations and dryness in the skin when it is sensitive skin the irritation would be high.

Thus people should think twice before using cuticle remover as cuticle remover may be attractive for manicure nails but it is unhealthy for body skin which may result with many skin diseases.