Why does mouthwash burn my tongue?

Have you ever thought that why does the mouth wash sting and burns so bad in your mouth? Mouth wash supposed to burn due to the usage of the traditionally based one that contains alcohol. We bet that the person who uses to gargle and rinse their mouth with mouthwash before or after brushing teeth would have felt these kinds of sensation.


What are the ingredients present in the mouthwash and why does it cause burning? Mouth wash is a liquid that is used to rinse our mouth in order to remove food particles stuck in the teeth. It also dissolves and prevents the plaque thereby protecting the teeth and mouthwash burn so bad when you use it at morning time and it restricts the bad breath and oral health ailments.

The alcohol-free mouthwash burns tongue less when compared with the mouthwash containing alcohol. It serves as a solvent to keep the essential oil dissolved in the solution but it dries out the entire mouth and creates a new set of problems.

Saliva is the main integral part of fight the plaque and harmful bacteria in the mouth where it does not harm beneficial microbes. This kind of mouth wash irritates the mouth tissues and gradually damages the salivary gland. Even the essential oil may create a burning sensation in the mouth.

Suitable mouth wash

It is also advised to brush and floss your teeth twice a daily for its better health. Mouth wash liquids consist of essential oil that prevents gingivitis which a form of gum disease that creates an acute pain. It also helps you to gain pearl white teeth and you can have a sparkling smile on using this mouth wash on a daily basis. It also diminishes the yellowish color and blocks the accumulation of tartar. Using a mouth wash is the best method to fight cavities but do not swallow it. Mouthwash has the capability to reach the crevices and cracks in the mouth and helps to get rid of harmful bacteria and food particles.

Mouthwashes are available in different categories like alcohol based, free-alcohol based and fluoride based. They are used for different purposes and for different ailments. Fluoride rinses protect the teeth against the harmful bacteria and plaque that creates the impact of the acids which damages the teeth severely.

Mouthwash with high ethanol content such as 20 percent stings more but they are much efficient on comparing with non-alcoholic mouthwash.